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Thank you for considering submitting your work to the Festival of Hope online exhibition. Please read though some of the following FAQs and our terms of use before submitting your work using the form below.

We are extending our call for contributions until the 31st of January 2022 which will be your last chance to participate.

Why become a contributor? 

To express what is hope to you and share it with our community. We believe that after a year in and out of lockdown we have more than ever appreciated the power of art to open doors and reflect on how we can keep on hoping. Art seems indeed unique in its ability to reflect on the present, humanity, history but also in its power to reinvent the world. Because it takes place in that pure place of creativity within ourselves it is an incredible infuser of hope. It brings together communities, it remembers personal and collective traumas, it offers other ways to look at the world and thus proposes alternative ways of life. We want to hear, feel, see YOUR story of hope! 

How do I contribute? 

Just fill out the form below which will ask for the URL to an uploaded copy of your work (such as a Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive folder) along with a short biography (max. 200 words) and a description of your work or any text you would want to appear with your work on the website (max. 500 words).

If you cannot provide a URL to your work, fill out the form (leaving the URL field blank) and email your work to

For literature submissions, we encourage you to choose an image related to your piece which will be displayed alongside your work on the website. If you don’t provide any, we will select one for you. You can find attribution free images at

Is there a deadline? 

Our curators review contributions for the festival on a roughly monthly basis throughout 2021 and into 2022. Therefore, to be considered for publication at the next round of submissions, you'll need to submit your work before the date shown at the top of this page.

Who can contribute?

Any professional artist, student or amateurs as well as researchers who want to reflect on hope.

What to contribute?

A creative piece in any form included but not limited to : recorded song, painting, photography, video clip, theatrical piece, poem, short story, creative poster.A creative piece which reflect on hope in any ways; hope for our ability to adapt to the worst situations, a hope that hard times bring sometimes beautiful unselfish instincts in people, hope in the necessity to question and reflect, hope in the possibility to change and to bring change, hope in what makes us human, hope in the beauty of the world, hope in other approaches to each other and to the other, hope in different ways to be in the world, to connect to the divine, hope in what can bring us together.

To give you a few ideas here are a few topics we want to be hopeful about:

Civic hope for Coventry; hope for a homeland; hope for the world; environmental hope; personal hope and the spirituality of hope,

Keep in mind that the arts are aimed at being published within our online exhibition so keep it short and engaging for an online audience.

Recommended max length or file size:

*  Audio or video submission 6min
*  Literature submission 1000 words
*  Visual art 10MB

Video can be submitted in  MP4 format or as a link to a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Audio files can be submitted as WAV or MP3 formats or as a link to an audio sharing platform such as SoundCloud.

If sharing your work as a link hosted on a 3rd party website like those mentioned above, please ensure your video/audio settings allow for 3rd parties to embed your work on their sites (otherwise we cannot accept your submission).

Terms of use

What happens to your work

Once we receive it we will send your work to our professional curators for selection. 

If your work is selected, it will then be uploaded into our online exhibition within two weeks to a month. It will appear on our website for as long as you allow us or for the length of our exhibition. 

If you give us your authorisation, we might also use your work to publicise the exhibition and your work on our media channels (included but not limited to social media, radio, local newspaper), we will not do so without your written permission (see "How do I contribute?"). 

Intellectual property and liability

We do NOT claim ANY ownership rights in the text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, musical works, works of authorship or any other materials that you submit to us. However, by sending your work to us you hereby grant to us a fully paid and royalty-free, worldwide, limited license to publicly display your work on our website and to publicise our events and website on which your work will be hosted through any media channels. If you do not want your work appearing in our publicity related to the event, you can tick the opt out box when making a submission.

You must own or have permission to share any of the work you submit to us, including artwork, images, modified images or visual assets, and copyrighted music 

By submitting, artists confirm they are not breaching copyright, intellectual property rights, or privacy rights and agrees to pay any royalties, fees or money owed to a 3rd party by submitting artwork to our site 

We will respect requests from artists to take down their own work from our site within a reasonable timeframe, but we will not be responsible for recalling or removing their work from any publicity we distribute through our media channels 

We reserve the right to remove their work from our site or public exhibitions at any time. 

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